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Fear of therapy

For a long time, there has been a commonly held belief that therapy is only for people who suffer from mental illness. Thankfully, it seems that the dialogue about mental health is becoming more of an accepted topic.

Some of us who until recently would have liked to see a counsellor but were fearful of being labelled as 'mad', seem to be more accepting of their need to seek help as the stigma attached to it diminishes.

Yet even the sheer wish of wanting to see a therapist might generate doubts such as:

- I have too much work, I feel stressed out that's all.

- 'I don't want to try it, is for sick people and besides, I don't have the time'

- 'It is self-indulgent', I am expected to cope on my own.

- 'I can buy a self-help book for that and save the money'

- 'I might talk to my friends then I can forget about it '.

Yet, despite of the above, there are experiences that might feel difficult to share with friends or family. Perhaps you experience feelings that might be difficult to forget too. As a professional psychotherapist, I am aware of the changes clients undergo through counselling.

Reaching out in therapy to those that might like to explore current circumstances or situations that feel overwhelming, is part of confidential therapeutic work. And sometimes, it comes a point where the need for change outweighs any dread of talking about any problems or of being judged.

Feel free to link to this article, let's break the stigma of mental health.

Ana Vidal

Psychotherapeutic Counsellor

0793 062 4824

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