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Canary Wharf Counselling Service E14

First session - What to Expect

The initial consultation lasts an hour and will help us explore what has brought you to therapy and how counselling can help you. It is an opportunity to explore any fears and concerns you might have about the process of counselling, as well as being a chance to ask any questions you may have and to reflect how you might feel about working together. 

Frequency and length of sessions
Sessions last 50 minutes and take place at regular times once a week. The length of the therapeutic contract varies and can be established at the initial consultation.
I offer short term: 6-8 sessions, mid term: 12 sessions and longer term ones. The length of the counselling can be agreed on after reflecting personal needs, and during the initial consultation we will also have the opportunity to clarify timing for the sessions.


Fees: £75 per session £85 Consultation

There is a limited number of concesionary slots

Please don't hesitate to enquiry


Consultation Rooms:
London - Canary Wharf: Cannon Workshops, Room 42, Cannon Drive E14 4AS

Cancellation and holidays

I will let you know of my holiday dates in advance and request that you do the same.


If you decide to cancel or are unable to attend a session due to illness or unforeseen circumstances, I prefer if you let me know 48 hours in advance. Any less than 48 hours notice or missed sessions will be charged in full .


All Counselling Is Now Provided Online Via Video Conference

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